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I’ve been for quite some time studying Android programming, creating simple applications based on tutorials around the net. If you want to create apps for Android devices, for sure you have to start with JAVA, but… well… as soon as you start your research, you will find out about App Inventor for Android by Google. If you do not know anything about programming, and go over the documentation and follow a few tutorials for App Inventor, you will be creating “simple” applications pretty much very quickly, there are limits but … you can read about those.
After I went thru all the tutorials I could find on this topic, I got a request to create a simple application that Calculates Sale Price of a product for sale, based on specific chosen percentage Markup. Nothing complicated, I just had to find out mathematical equation that can do that and get a few blocks doing certain tasks.

So here it is for download… Calculate Sell Price. If you work for some Stores out there, and you are a person in charge of prices, it can be helpful.

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