WDS and WinPE .wim boot problem

Ok, It took me, 4h to google for answer… but finally I found something what made me happy.

I installed Windows DS on my Win2003 server. Configured. As I have already WinPE .wim, we created it using MDT, I just imported it to WDS.

When I booted my client machine, I got this error:
PXE-T01: File not found
PXE-E3B: TFTP Error - File Not Found

Was not sure what is going on, I tried a few things, solution/comments I found googling…

…and then from Microsoft TechNet Forums:

So, what’s probably going on here is that your x64 VM is reporting itself as x86. This is a common problem and can cause this kind of error.

You can work around it as you say by adding a 32-bit WinPE, or by turning on Architecture Discovery using
WDSUTIL /Set-Server /ArchitectureDiscovery:Yes

I turned on Architecture Discovery, and it worked for me, my client machine booted into our WinPE.

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