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This is driving everyone crazy, and it is weird that Adobe did not fix that yet.
When you try to Export document as .jpg from IL CS3, you get the error “Insufficient memory available to complete the operation”.

Ok, so what is going on?

When you export the document to .jpg, there will show up a pop up window with some settings and you will have a choice to set default .dpi. Click CUSTOM, and enter something lower than the default value. I had to lower the value from 150 to 110 to be able to export the document to .jpg file.

Hope this works for someone.

I am setting up Hyper-V on Dell PE 2950 with Windows 2008 Enterprise Server. Installed all needed roles and I created the first virtual machine. I tried to start it and I got this error:
“The virtual machine could not be started because the hypervisor is not running.”
What I found out is that in BIOS of this machine, under “CPU information” by default Virtualization is Disabled. All I had to do was to Enable it.

🙂 fun as always 🙂

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